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Real family is marked by real love. Real love gives without expecting anything in return.

Welcome to Our Real Family

This year, Sandals Church launched Our Real Family when we set out to do everything we could for one family in need. Now we’re ready to take things to the next level.

We believe we’re better together and want to see what could happen if we pooled our resources to give gifts, time and money with the goal of making our great community even greater.

This fall, we want to stand alongside our local partners fighting loneliness, poverty, hunger and injustice and you can be a part.

Be a Part of Our Real Family

Share God’s Love

Giving is better than getting. A gift can mean more than just a present, it can be a tangible way to show someone they matter to you and to God.

Give Gifts

Serve Your Community

Action speaks louder than words. A few hours of your time volunteering in the community can help spread the message that God loves Riverside.

Give Time

Support Great Work

We’re teaming up to do great things in the community and every penny you give goes straight to amazing work.

Give Money

It’s Not About Us

Riverside County is full of great organizations doing really good work and we're excited to partner with them because God loves Riverside.

That's not all, we're partnering with dozens of great organizations.

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Want to know why we’re doing this?

Join us this weekend