Give a Gift

Share God’s Love

Giving is better than getting. A gift can mean more than just a present, it can be a tangible way to show someone they matter to you and to God.

We’ve identified children and families from throughout Riverside County who are in need of gifts this Christmas. You can select a gift yourself, or donate toward the purchase of a gift.

How to Participate

Select a Gift

  1. Pick up a gift tag at a Sandals Church location during a weekend service
  2. Purchase a gift based on the request listed on the tag
  3. Bring the wrapped gift back to Sandals Church no later than Sunday, November 30

Family Fun Beyond the Purchase

Giving a gift as part of Our Real Family can be a great spiritual experience for your whole family. Here are some ways to make your giving even more meaningful and get your kids involved!

  • Plan Ahead: Have each family member say how they are going to earn money or what they are going to give up in order to financially contribute to this gift. Post a chart where each person can track their progress.
  • Remember Why: Display a Bible verse in your home, maybe on a chalk board or poster, reminding your family why you give.
    • Try Proverbs 3:27, Acts 20:35 or 2 Corinthians 9:6
  • Prepare: Before you shop, pray together and ask God to help you pick gifts that will be perfect for this family.
  • Celebrate: Take a fun picture of your family shopping together as you build memories.
  • Debrief: Take some time after you shop to go through the gifts together and talk about what you hope each gift will bring to this family.

Pay for a Gift

Don’t have time to grab a gift? You can pay for a gift and we’ll pick one out for you.

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